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Your Local Team

Dave ManningDave Manning is the film coordinator for the city of Santa Paula.  He handles all permitting, safety and coordination with city departments.

Dave Manning
Senior Rangemaster/Filming Coordinator
Santa Paula Police Department
805-525-4474 Ext. 126

Talia WunderTalia Wunder is the film liaison for Downtown Santa Paula.  She works with the production companies for scouting, to contact the local merchants, and to be the site rep for the downtown area during filming.

Talia Wunder
Downtown Santa Paula Film Liaison
Santa Paula Downtown Merchants Association

Together, they are here to help make your filming experience in Santa Paula as easy as possible.  You can ask either any question, and they will be able to get the answer for you.

What Location Managers have to say:

“I had a great time filming there and you guys were great to work with and very accommodating. A lot of great looks and you really try and make it work for the production company. I would definitely go back again.” -Ted Alvarez